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Avalon Ard Ri S8 Oak Italian Spruce Top / 5300 Year Old Sunken Bog Oak

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This extraordinary guitar from our friends at Avalon Custom Lutherie in Northern Ireland knocks us out with its loud, clean and clear, yet very lush sound - not to mention that it is hard to take your eyes off of! And you read that right - the back and sides are built with Oak that has spent the last 5,300 years sunken in a bog on the eastern shore of England. This otherworldly tone wood - combined with a top quality Italian Spruce top - contributes to a sound that you will have a hard time finding in any other guitar!

The binding is Snakewood, which joins the two contrasting aesthetics of the Italian and dark Oak perfectly. That's a 5 piece neck, in which Avalon joins reverse grained pieces of Mahogany to create a neck strong enough to resist warping over the years. Top of the line Gotoh tuners and a Gotoh bi-flex truss rod. 1-3/4" nut wrist, with string spacing of 2-1/4" at the bridge. Larger than a parlor guitar but smaller than an auditorium, it measures 14-1/2" across the lower bout, 10-3/4" across the upper, and around 9-1/4" at the waist. 

Avalon builds its' guitars entirely by hand - no CNC. These guitars are built in the same shop in Newtownards NI that gave birth to the Lowden Guitar Co - same tooling and several of the same builders that built Lowdens and helped to lift that brand to it's current level of recognition. These days, no acoustic guitar builder exceeds Avalon in quality of build and character of sound. Avalon guitars have a 'soul' that can only come from the decades of experience that go into every hand crafted instrument!

Please take a few minutes to check out the demonstration video of this special guitar, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans! Be sure to use your headphones if you have them!

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