Furch Acoustic Electric 4 String Bass - Photo 1

Furch Acoustic Electric 4 String Bass Guitar Bc61-CM4 Cedar / Mahogany w/LR Baggs

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Tone, power, and beauty - this Furch acoustic bass has it all! Many acoustic bass guitars are built to be plugged in, and this one comes with an LR Baggs SPE system on board to be sure - but this bass sounds terrific unplugged! Furch's approach to acoustic bass building is to maximize the stand alone woody tone and crisp, loud voice. We did our demo video unplugged so you can hear what we're talking about!

The Cedar top warms up the tone nicely - the Mahogany back and side set lends a note clarity that any bass player will appreciate. Comes with a high quality Furch branded gig bag as pictured.

This may be your only opportunity to own one of these remarkable acoustic bass guitars - Furch has discontinued it's acoustic bass line for 2022. Thank you for the look and listen!


Guitar Demo