Used Furch Little Jane Limited 2020LC Acoustic Electric Travel GuitarAlpine Spruce / Cocobolo

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Here's a sweet little lightly used travel guitar, one of Furch Guitars' popular 'Little Jane' series! This one is a Limited Edition, model 'LJ 2020LC Limited', featuring an Alpine Spruce top and a beautiful set of Cocobolo for the back and sides. A passive K&K Pure Mini pickup has been installed. Only 10 of these guitars were brought into the US for sale, and all sold out quickly back in 2020. We had the opportunity to take this one in a multi guitar trade last summer and are just now getting around to putting it up for sale.

It is a rare find! We had one of the original 10 here at The Fretted Buffalo - the demonstration video you see here is of that guitar. The photos are of the used one now for sale. We'd like to thank Doug Yeomans a second tie for the two year old demonstration video! Same guitar, same sound...let us know if you want a demo of the used one n the post and we will oblige!

Here's what Furch had to say about this special guitar, from the website at the time:

"The Little Jane Limited 2020-LC is a unique travel guitar designed to give you the freedom to take your instrument with you wherever you go. Our proprietary assembly system allows the guitar to be easily and quickly assembled into a full-fledged instrument. Likewise, the instrument can be simply disassembled into a compact form and stored in a travel bag with the size of a regular backpack.