Brand New McNally J Model Jumbo German Spruce / Indian Rosewood with Manzer Wedge

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About This Listing

Here is an exquisitely built full sized jumbo from the Northern Irish builder Ciaran McNally! We are coming to love his work - this one features a German Spruce top and a fine set of Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. What makes it extra special is Ciaran's crafting of a Manzer Wedge (yes, it's named for the Master Guitar Builder Linda Manzer!). We hope you can see it in the pictures and video - the wedge is designed to present a narrower lower bout at the top of the playing position for greater comfort. The depth of the body is greater at the bottom than at the top. Its a brilliant idea and has been brilliantly executed by McNally!

Tonally, this guitar produces a sweet, clear and articulate note on the high end, with very good balance between high and low. Nice overtones are present but far from overwhelming. We like German Spruce because it seems to perform well with finger style playing - very responsive to the fingertips - yet its a strong enough timber to take a heavy pick. Just a great guitar to play, with a great sound!

Basic specs: 1-3/4" nut width, long scale at 25.4". 16" across the lower bout, 12" across the upper. 4.7" at it's deepest point.

Be sure to check out the attached demonstration video, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans!