Brand New Lowden F35 OOOO Red Cedar / OOOO Chechen

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Brand New Lowden F35 with all AAAA Grade tonewoods, including a Red Cedar top and Chechen back and sides. Wow! Chechen is a new tonewood to us, but not to Lowden! Here's what this world class builder has to say about this unique looking and sounding wood: "Chechen is a unique and rare tonewood, known for its dense and hard characteristics that produces a clear and balanced sound with excellent sustain and projection for both fingerstyle and strumming. Its natural reddish-brown color and striking grain pattern make it a visually appealing choice for any 35 Series model."

Basics: 1-3/4" nut, long scale at 25-9/16": figured Maple body and neck binding; matching back and front head plates using Bog Oak; strung with .12-.53 light Lowden strings. Comes with a high quality case made for Lowden by Ameritage.

We are happy to offer this splendid Lowden guitar at a reduced price, compliments of the Lowden Guitar Company!

Be sure to check out the demonstration video attached to the photo array, courtesy of our good friend Doug Yeomans! Be sure to use your headphones!