Bourgeois OMS Country Boy Torrified Adirondack/Sinker Mahogany

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About This Listing

This Bourgeois OMS Country Boy is one of our shop favorites! Deep and rich tones, a clear low end and clean highs are the result of the pairing of the torrified Adirondack top with a gorgeous set of sinker mahogany. There's something about sinker hog - you can hear the strong fundamental tone usually associated with mahogany, but there's just enough overtone in a good sinker set to make the sound irresistible! Check out the demonstration video in the photo array and see if you agree! 

It's a long scale guitar, with a nut width of 1-3/4" and string spacing at the bridge of 2-5/16". This guitar was built with Bourgeois' Aged Tone Package', which includes the torrified Adirondack soundboard, torrified Adirondack bracing, animal protein glue and a tone enhancing Aged Tone finish. 

If you're seeing a posting for this guitar on Bourgeois' "Recently Shipped' page, please note that the guitar in those photos is not this guitar - compare the book matched figuring on this instrument and you can tel